929 Highland Ave, SE

The Roanoke GIS states that 929 Highland Ave was built in 1925.   We have found several coins in the yard that pre-date 1925 including 1911 and 1918 pennies, as well as a 1906 'V' nickel.  In addition, there were several layers of newspaper under the wallpaper in the closet under the stairs dated October 29, 1906.   Of course, these items weren't necessarily lost or installed earlier than 1925.   But it is possible that the house was built much earlier.

The house was built in the Craftsman Arts and Crafts architectural style.  It features large square brick and wood columns, beautiful walnut trims and moldings and hard-wood floors throughout.  Join our adventure as we renovate this classic beauty over the next several weeks.  As we complete projects, new pictures will be posted.

        Before:                              After:  


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